Learning Yoga

Learning Yoga

I am teaching private yoga lessons in and around Cape Town and just wanted to get the word out there.

Please contact me to book a lesson, or for any queries regarding a personal routine for your unique body. The style of yoga that I teach is Hatha- vinyasa, however, is adaptive to your personal needs.

I integrate lifestyle into this yoga practice in terms of living compassionately through a plant-based diet and conscious home choices. Part of what I help with is making the transition into a plant-based lifestyle, if you’re not certain where to start 

We learn together to live with integrity through the mind, body and soul…

Open Heart and Open Mind,


Reagan warner

Reagan has the innate desire to Serve and the path of Teacher Plants has given her the gift of being able to do so in many ways. ​ She feels the deep connection that these ceremonies are creating amongst different colours and creeds and is humbled to be involved in the process. Reagan helps to organize the ceremonies in terms of managing bookings and preparation. If you have any questions or fears beforehand, you will be talking to her so that she can help you feel comfortable throughout the process given the transformational commitment you have just made. She also assists in terms of setting up the space during the ceremonies, which plays an important part in making you feel safe and Loved throughout your experience. ​ During a Vision Quest, when available, she is there to teach Yoga in order to ground everyone and to bring themselves back into their bodies. She also practises private healing sessions through massage and singing bowls. ​ If you have any questions regarding bookings and information, Reagan is always available to answer.

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