Dachniks in Russia do it right

Dachniks in Russia do it right

Dachniks in Russia

They’re doing something right ! 🌻

According to the State Statistic Committee (Goskomsat) in the 1997, 14,7 million Russian families had fruit growing plots, while 7,6 million had vegetable plots. These households independently grew 90% of Russia’s potatoes, 77% of its berries and fruit and 73% of its vegetables.

These figures have further increased since the book was written, making Russian gardeners the backbone of the country’s agriculture. According to Goskomsat in 2004, Russian garden families – without any machinery, hired labour or government subsidies- have grown in their free time and using predominantly organic methods 33 million tonnes of potatoes, 11,5 million tones of vegetables and 3,2 million tones of fruit and berries, which represent 93%, 80% and 81% respectively of the total output of these crops. In 2004 the value of Russian gardeners’ production represented 51% of the country’s total agricultural output, approximately $1,4 billion or 2,3% of Russia’s GDP.

Excerpt from “Who are We?” – Vladimir Megré

Reagan warner

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