Where do you start and where do you end?

Where do you start and where do you end?

People are really beautiful, if you watch them without the virus of judgement, they all feel a little lonely at their core. These varying degrees of perceived separation lead to so many behavior traits that we would never consider or desire if we realized that we were all one organism, one magnificent body of limitless energy. A body of limitless energy perceiving itself constantly through the eyes of a myriad of observers and creatures within itself. Each point of consciousness, birthing a unique way to perceive ourselves. One of those points of observation being you … and what you think you are! Like one finger looking at another on the same hand .
The disease of seeing yourself as separate to everything you see around you is the thing that you are now being called to from within to heal in these times. However the journey back into the stream of life is a magnificent one filled with realizations that will bring tears to your eyes. Warmth that will slowly flood your heart as the ice cold illusion of separation dissolves and you take your place back in the bosom of eternity … where you were all along!

Be patient with yourself and with those around you as you slowly free yourself of fear, and come back into true reality. Be patient with yourself remembering that this is part of the journey and experience you came here for, to slowly find one’s way home, and also to truly know thyself for the first time!
Unconditional love for all those around you will slowly become as natural as breathing, on the way home you will experience everything that you are not! It is an experiential journey by which your judgments of yourself and others have no place or merit, no more than a toe can judge a finger.
We as a single consciousness are all things already, we cannot become anything. We cannot become bad or good, we cannot become free or angry … we are all these things. We can however choose to experience anything that we are. We can choose to experience darkness or separation as so many of us have. We choose to experience many things within the never ending realm of who we are. We do however never become them … as we are all things. There is no permanence , merely the choice of which parts of our ocean you wish to swim in next .
Understand then that you can choose to experience anything, you can move your point of perception anywhere on this endless sea of who and what we are. When you understand this, the absolute absurdity of judgement will dawn on you. And you will allow others to have their choices and journeys more freely expressed, as well as your own!

We are all being called home. If you allow this healing to take place you will be sitting in silence one day, looking down at your hand and you will ask yourself “Where do I start and where do I end?” A warm smile will spread across your face, followed by bellowing laughter … you remember the joke for the first time in so long. “God”, you think to yourself, “we really do have a magnificent sense of humor don’t we, and not to mention our ceaseless appetite for adventure!”
Looking down on your hand still bellowing with laughter, watching how suddenly the world around you becomes part of you again and the gentle sound of the Prime Creators heart beating within yours begins to soothe you, you begin to sense yourself as part of all things. Sitting in silent commune with God within you, suddenly you think to yourself, “We are all things, but what do I wish to experience next?”

A mischievous smile spreads across your face, and inside you hear us all say, “Go on, I dare you.”

Nathan Raaths (and you )

Nathan Raaths

Nathan is the founder of the Illuminate Conscious Lifestyle Community and his core foundation is based in martial arts. He believes that the highest ideals lie in our realizations that truth should not be boxed and organised. He teachers that the eternal whisper has a secret language for each of us, and that we each have a unique way of perceiving things. This is the fundamental driving force behind the group. Uniting all sorts of sacred truths, celebrating the incredible diversity of truth and its juxtapositions. A place where people going through their own awakening, which can be extremely challenging, could support one another. The goal of the shamanic platforms we create is a sacred space for you to learn to communicate with your own eternal whisper and, most importantly, to discover your own inner truth. The last few years has been focused on working with sacred medicine where his work mostly included teaching other people to explore conscious travel without their physical vehicles. Today, when not in ceremony, Nathan works with people in spiritual guidance sessions. Nathan uses these one-on-one sessions to help guide individuals through their own personal path of spiritual emergence. He also does crisis counselling and is most passionate about working with aspects of fear in our daily lives. He is also extremely passionate of the talks/writings and workshops that he has been doing for almost a decade now . He is passionate about all things spiritual and the topics range from sexuality to things a little more expansive and interdimensional. The central theme in much of his work is about illuminating oneself through fully integrating, and not denying , the shadow aspects of our self. He has a deep love for people and the epic battles we all fight , and is himself no stranger to the internal wars of the soul. He is quite clear that his team are brought to him by their pure and powerful desire to serve humanity , and hold space for others in anyway that they are guided to . All is an absolute labour of love

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