The Anti

The Anti

A basic understanding of cosmic law makes one realise that being anti-anything has never brought any more light into this world.
And the paradox is the more against something we are, the more often we become the very thing that we speak so vehemently against.
Focus and feed on the things in life you wish to charge, they will thereby increase and multiply.
The results of the international war on drugs speaks for itself.
The shift in racism made by those who self riotously engage and deliver hate towards the hate is toothless. Nothing good will ever come from your anti-energy. You merely charge and engage, and give new life to archaic ideas. Let go of self-riotous condemnation. Your ego has hijacked your energy for anger in the name of morality. Instead open your heart and mind… burn with passion.
Make the world feel excited about a new way of being. Of new possibilities.
Let the old ideas shrink away in the light of new beautiful landscapes, painted and moulded by the song of your life.

Nathan Raaths

Nathan Raaths

Nathan is the founder of the Illuminate Conscious Lifestyle Community and his core foundation is based in martial arts. He believes that the highest ideals lie in our realizations that truth should not be boxed and organised. He teachers that the eternal whisper has a secret language for each of us, and that we each have a unique way of perceiving things. This is the fundamental driving force behind the group. Uniting all sorts of sacred truths, celebrating the incredible diversity of truth and its juxtapositions. A place where people going through their own awakening, which can be extremely challenging, could support one another. The goal of the shamanic platforms we create is a sacred space for you to learn to communicate with your own eternal whisper and, most importantly, to discover your own inner truth. The last few years has been focused on working with sacred medicine where his work mostly included teaching other people to explore conscious travel without their physical vehicles. Today, when not in ceremony, Nathan works with people in spiritual guidance sessions. Nathan uses these one-on-one sessions to help guide individuals through their own personal path of spiritual emergence. He also does crisis counselling and is most passionate about working with aspects of fear in our daily lives. He is also extremely passionate of the talks/writings and workshops that he has been doing for almost a decade now . He is passionate about all things spiritual and the topics range from sexuality to things a little more expansive and interdimensional. The central theme in much of his work is about illuminating oneself through fully integrating, and not denying , the shadow aspects of our self. He has a deep love for people and the epic battles we all fight , and is himself no stranger to the internal wars of the soul. He is quite clear that his team are brought to him by their pure and powerful desire to serve humanity , and hold space for others in anyway that they are guided to . All is an absolute labour of love

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